Space Forum – 2011 Dedicated to the 50-th Anniversary of the First Human Space Flight by Yury Gagarin      October 18-21, 2011
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Call for Abrstacts

A booklet containing the abstracts of papers to be presented at the two conferences and satellite symposium will be published by the opening of the Forum.
Abstracts of papers for the “Humans in Space Flights” conference should be mailed to: with the subject marked as “Conference” together with an attached file identified by the first author's name.
Abstracts of papers for the “Major Problems of Space Life Sciences” conference and the “Life Support Systems for Humans in Space Flights” satellite symposium should be mailed to: with the subject marked as “Conference” together with an attached file identified by the first author's name.

Deadline for abstract submission - August 20, 2011.

Requirements for the format of abstracts

  • Abstracts of papers (no more than one page) should be carefully checked for misspellings, poor hyphenation, and poor grammar. We do not proofread or correct errors in your submissions.
  • Acceptable word processing programs are (1) IBM-compatible: WordPerfect 7 or Microsoft Word 2000 or older; (2) Macintosh: “save as” Word or WordPerfect for PC (MS-DOS) or “save as” Word for Window.
  • Times New Roman font, size – 12, spacing – 1,5.
  • Size of margins at all sides– 25 mm (1 in); paragraph indention – 10 mm (0.3 in).
  • Title of paper (all caps, bold, centered).
  • Allow one line space before author’s initials and last name (bold, italic type, centered);
  • Next line – name of organization (lowercase letters, centered), city, country.
  • Allow one line space before the text (full justification).
  • Do not include graphic objects, do not use styles, emphases using italic and bold types are allowed; letter spacing and underlining not allowed.
  • If necessary, a reference in the text should be included in parentheses with first author’s last name and year of publication.
  • If necessary, references (no more than 5) should be listed at the end of the text (10 pt) as follows: last name of the first author followed by initials, title of the paper, name of journal, volume, pages and year of publication in parentheses