2011, 50- ..             18-21 2011 .

All foreign participants of the "Space Forum 2011" should obtain an entry visa to The Russian Federation. The Congress Service Agent CTO GROUPLimited will provide participants with the documents necessary for Russian Tourist Visaapplication. The tourist visa will be issued for thedurationof the Forum. The deadline forallvisa requestsisthe 30th of September2011. CTO GROUP Limited.hasareference number in the Russian MinistryofForeign Affairs and has the right to provide participants with Russian Tourist Visa support documents. Supporting documents will be made based on your personal information submittedduring theon-lineregistration process. In order to obtainaRussianTourist Visa please contactthe nearest Russian Consulate or Embassy in your home country forfurther information.

Please be advised that in order to obtain a visa your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after theend of your visit to theRussian Federation. NB! All foreign citizens arrivinginRussiahave tofill ina migration card while passing through customs. Migration cardswill be given to foreigners before crossing the border (in airplanes, trains, buses, ships, etc.) Please be carefulwhilefilling in this migration card and keep this cardsecureuntilyour departure from theRussian Federation.

IMPORTANT!According toRussian Federationlaw, all foreign citizens should be registered within 3 daysof their arrivalat theirhotel.
For further information please contactAlexey Rybalov.
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