Space Forum – 2011 Dedicated to the 50-th Anniversary of the First Human Space Flight by Yury Gagarin      October 18-21, 2011
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Scientific Program

PROGRAMM (pdf, 689 Kb)Dear Colleagues, The scientific program of Forum 2011 is issued in Russian. But it includes translated into English: the schedules of the conferences and symposium, the names of sessions. The titles of abstracts are printed in original languages.

Topics of the Forum

  • Research and development related to humans in space flights.
  • Fundamental and applied researches in space biology and medicine. Health risks.
  • Further development of cosmonaut selection and training methods, medical support of humans in space flights and post-flight rehabilitation. Human safety in space.
“Humans in Space Flights” Conference
  • Problems and prospects of development and use of piloted space systems.
  • Cosmonaut/astronaut professional training. Results of spaceflight programs.
  • Fundamental and applied investigations and experiments in space.
  • Cosmonaut/astronaut training devices and simulators of space flight.
  • Medical and psychological aspects of crewmember selection, training, activity, and postflight rehabilitation.
  • Young generation’s achievements for the present and future of humans in space. Educational programs.
Registration of Forum participants:9.00 – 16.00October 18-19
Plenary session:11.00 – 13.00October 18
Morning sessions:10.00 – 13.00October 19
Afternoon sessions:14.00 – 17.00October 18-19
Lunch break:13.00 – 14.00

“Major Problems of Space Life Sciences” Conference
  • Gravitational biology.
  • Gravitational physiology.
  • Space radiation biology.
  • Cosmonaut work-rest psychophysiology.
  • Habitability of space vehicles and planetary bases.
  • Medical support of long-duration, including interplanetary, space missions.

“Life Support Systems for Humans in Space Flights” Satellite Symposium
  • Life support systems using resources delivered from the earth.
  • Physical-chemical life support systems.
  • Bioengineering life support systems.
Registration of Forum participants (Cont'd):9.00 – 16.00October 20
Conference and Symposium opening:10.00 – 10.30October 20
Morning sessions:10.30 – 13.00
10.00 – 13.00
October 20
October 21
Afternoon sessions:14.00 – 17.00October 20-21
Lunch break:13.00 – 14.00